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Reviews & Feedback:

Ankle Pain
Recommended by Jean(20/11/2019) Really good experience, excellent treatment, good environment. Hi Julie - thank you for your kindness and care while giving me acupuncture with electrodes and hot needles on my ankle, this treatment didn't hurt at all and I can now walk properly again without pain. I had ten treatments in all and would certainly come and see you again for more treatment if the pain came back. Thank you once again.
Recommended by Phillip (18/10/2019) I have been suffering from severe localised constant headache for five years. I have been referred to a Neurologist twice and had two scans of my head. No cause or treatment was found or offered. Two weeks ago I visited Morley Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic for a consultation appointment. Now after a small number of acupuncture sessions, I am completely free of the debilitating constant pain. In the past I have tried morphine and pregabalin, with limited success. I now need no pain relief whatsoever and cannot thank Mrs Zhu enough for her expert treatment. I will return without hesitation for a top up treatment, should the pain return at any time.
Recommended by Susan (11/06/2019) Thank you so much for getting rid of my acute sciatica. When I first came to you I didn't think that I would be able to walk again pain free. The acupuncture and cupping worked wonders. I now only get a little pain at night which is bearable. Thank you once again.
Recommended by Saira(28/12/ 2018) Amazing treatment, service and staff ! Absolutely fantastic service! Would recommend 100%! Has worked for me for various health problems and the staff are so kind and caring. Would never go to anyone else!
Dry eye syndrome
Recommend by Kath (26 June 2018) DRY EYE SYNDROME. A BRILLIANT SUCCESS I think Julie is a marvellous acupuncturist. She cured my Dry eye syndrome, I had very dry eyes and used drops every hour some days. They were often red and sore. My eyes are perfect now. Idon’t use drops any more. I can’t tell you how delighted I am.
Recommend by Laura (22 Mar 2018) THANKYOU JULIE! 5 years ago My local GP had diagnosed me osteoarthritis in my knees and hips followed by the diagnosis fibromyalgia. After years of different medications, physio, pain therapy and very strong painkillers.. nothing worked! i was distant and isolated. My partner came across Morley Acupuncture and we read the reviews and was amazed and he booked me in the following week! We met Julie who is amazing! She went through everything with me and decided that heated acupuncture may be best for me and she was right! After the first session within days my whole body pain had completley subsided! (Joint pain included) never has this happened in 5 years! After the second session 2 week later im literally pain free! As it stands at the moment i feel cured! Time will tell how long it will take before the pain returns but for now Julie has handed me my life back. No words can describe how greatful i am. My kids and partner have there happy, healthy mummy back. Thankyou from Laura and family.
Headache and Sinuses
Recommend by Joanna (08 Mar 2018) Hi All, I would really really recommend Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic. I had a head ache and blocked sinuses for almost 3 months. I decided to try acupuncture and after few sessions and drinking herbs, everything has gone. It really works :) My Immunity system is stronger and I feel good and has no pain at all. Both doctors are professionals. Try, you won't regreat.
Tendon pain in foot
Recommend by Orange (02 Mar 2018) AMAZING ELECTRO ACCUPUNCTURE I had 1 electro accupuncture session for tendon pain in my foot and the results were amazing. More fexibility and almost no pain after 1 session is a great result!
Recommend by Bina(06 Feb 2018) I found this clinic online after reading the great reviews and decided to visit Julie after suffering two missed miscarriages. After the miscarriages I immersive greatly from anxiety and fatigue. I started the acupuncture treatment to make me stronger and prepare my body for another pregnancy and also Reduce the anxiety. Overall acupuncture has helped me and given me a great boost. My anxiety has gone and I'm more energetic than ive ever been. After the green light from Julie to start trying again i fell pregnant straight away. Ve been coming on a regular basis and now 14 weeks pregnant. Acupuncture has helped with bad nausea, tiredness and also made me relaxed. I believe this successful pregnancy is down to Julie and the regular acupuncture.
Sleeping problem and Fatigue and Burning sensation in foot
Recommend by Tahira(11 Jan 2018) I had a acupuncture session with Julie, she is amazing and i felt much better in first session,more energetic, I would definitely recommend Julie, I had no pain left and no burning sensation in left foot, I selpt much better, before I had sleeping problem, I can't thank you enough !
Back Pain
Recommend by Zeb (07 Jun 2017) The nightmare of my illness slowly became a dream of recovery, all thanks to a wonderful doctor who changed my destiny. My back pain 100% better after 8 times Electro Acupuncture with cupping ! Thank you!
Recommend by Salma(05 Jun 2017) I just wanted to thank you for your advice and the brilliant creams you gave us to use on my daughter. She had eczema on her neck and both arms and with using these creams in four days it all disappeared. My daughter is able to sleep through the night without getting up due to itchiness and she is enjoying the hot weather wearing sleeveless clothes. I am so grateful and have recommended your clinic to my family and friends. Thank you for making it possible!! Wish you success and happiness.
BMS(burning mouth syndrome)
Recommend by Pauline ( June 2017) Your treatment has made such a difference by reducing my BMS(burning mouth syndrome), I am now sleep at night! Thank you very much.
Recommend by Monike (20 May 2017) My baby boy was diognosed with eczema when he was only over a month old. We had tried many creams from GP. He was either allergic to them or there were not working . 2 creams given by Dr Julie cleared his eczema just within 3 days ! and now it has been over a month when my son doesn't suffer any longer which used flaring up every couple of days before . I am really thankful for the simple treatment and its amazing effects with compliments.
Hay fever
Recommend by Gabor (15 May 2017) After over a decade of suffering from hay fever, Julie and Jeff have helped to get rid of it completely (tried acupuncture and drank herbal medicine for 10 weeks). No need to take drugs for it and can enjoy the summer and a walk in the park. I CAN HIGHLY RECOMMED THEM!
IBS, Enlarged prostate and Neck pain
Recommend by Helmuth (06 May 2017) I have been treated for IBS, enlarged prostate and neck pain by acupuncture and herbs, and the treatment was improving my health considerably .Thanks to Julie and Jeff for the help and support they have provided. I would definitely come back and recommend them to my family and friends.
Stress and Anxiety
Recommend by Paul (05 May 2017) Went in with problems with stress and anxiety. A mixture of treatment helped me and reduced my problem. Would highly recommend them and have recommended to friends in the past.
PMT,Stress,Hot Sweats
Recommend by Jessica(20 Feb 2017) I came to see Julie as I was suffering with very bad PMT and waking up every night with hot sweats. I was feeling very stress also. Julie has been amazing and after just a couple of treatments I felt amazing ! full of energy + no more hot sweats and stress ! Thank you so much !
ME, Weak immune system and Palpitation
Recommend by Sheena(10 Feb 2017) I had previously suffered from ME and weak immune system and heart, since seeing Doctors Julie and Jeff I have made a speedy recovery. They are kind, and have helped me understand how my body works, everything they have done for me has helped me live life to the fullest again. They are both researchers and have publications so they definately know what they are talking about. They clearly understand any issue and help treat is with the ancient skills of Acupuncture, Acupressure and herbs, their knowledge and methods provide a natural way for the body to heal. I am really happy with the results and I along with many friends and family members have true faith in Acupuncture, it really does help. I highly recommend Doctor Julie and Jeff at the Morley Chinese Acupuncturea & Herbs Clinic . A huge Thank You for helping me get my Life back.
Recurrent miscarriage and Infertility
Recommend by Selima (19 Sep 2016) After 5 recurrent miscarriage ,numerous investigations by consultants at Dewsbury and Leeds hospitals,failed treatment with HCG hormane injections and a lot of stress. I contacted Julie to see if she could help. Shortly after I start taking herbs I fell pregnant but with the morning sickness (constant sickness) I couldn't keep drinking the herb tea so I switched to acupuncture which led me to 25 weeks pregnancy without any complications. Thank you Julie .
PCOS, Fertility
Recommend by Sophie (09 Sep 2016) I have PCOS and came to see Julie when preparing to have a baby. I had 6 sesiones acupuncture and herbs and got pregnant,I now have a beautiful baby girl . Thank Julie so much.
Ear infection ,Stress,Tinnitus
Recommend by Paul (08 Aug 2016) I came to see Julie and Jeff with a chronic ear infection that the doctor had been trying treated with lots of antibiotics and steroid for 3 months but not really work. The stress and tension plus ear infection and tinnitus were the main problems for me. Since I tried acupuncture with herbal medicine for two courses , I have my energy back,no more stress and my ear infection and tinnitus has been cleared up! Now I can see I am back to the person I was several years ago. Very happy and healthy. Thank you for all have you done!
Recommend by Rebecca (01 Aug 2016) After trying for a baby for 18 months, I managed to pregnant after one session with Julie. Very happy with result ! Thank you !
Recommend by Jolene (29 July 2016) 12 weeks pregnant and delighted . definitely would not have done it without your help . I am eternally grateful, thank you so much .
Recommend by Micheal (04 July 2016) Having suffered with fertility treatment for years, I discovered this clinic and began weekly acupuncture sessions along with herbs, from my first appointment with Julie I knew I was at the right place. She is so knowledgeable in this area and kind and offers the best advice and support. Within 4 months of treatment I was pregnant and now have a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I know without Julies amazing treatments I would not have had the happy ending we finally got. You really must use this clinic they are simply amazing. Thanks for everything.
PMT, Stress , Anger
Recommend by John (May 2016) Went in with problems with stress and anxiety. A mixture of treatment helped me and reduced my problem. Would highly recommend them and have recommended to friends in the past.
Fertility, hay fever, allergies, bad sleep, aching joints, stress, weight lose
Recommend by Nicole (Feb. 2016) I have been to trying to get pregnancy for a while about 5 years and have had several IUI fertility treatment over about 4 years. Every time it didn't work . I was very disappointed and I felt more and more stressed about the treatment and the ability of getting pregnant. My general health was at a all time low with many issues: bad sleep,aching joints,allergies,hay fever and general stress. I have had acupuncture previously and reached very well to it so I thought that i would give it another try after about 8 years without it. To my surprise I recognised Julie when I booked my first appointment from the White Rose Centre where she used to work for Dr & Herbs. And where she very successfully treated my hay fever and asthma in 2008.After a few mouths of regula treatment with acupuncture and herbs at her new clinic in Morley. I started to feel a lot stronger and healthier. My sleep improved, I dealt with stress a lot better, felt fit enough again to exercise wich helped me loose some weight and get fit and my allergies improved too. In short:Julie and Jeff helped me feel really good again, happier and healthier. This was the perfect place for my body and state of mind to go back to have some fertility treatment. I started my first IVF treatment on the NHS in spring 2015 and I am now 9 months pregnant The baby is very large and seems to be healthy and it is due any day. I cant wait to meet my baby. Julie and Jeff have definitely helped me be stronger and to have a very good pregnancy so far. Thank you so much!
PMT, Stress , Anger
Recommend by Jess (Jan 2016) When I first came here for acupuncture I was suffering badly with PMT before my period , I was feel very stress , angry and emotional . After my first session I felt so much better . After my second session my period started right on time and I had very few PMT symptoms and after my third session I felt fantastic, full of energy and no PMT symptoms! I feel great! Thank you .
Recommend by Emma (Jan 2016) Once again I need to say a huge thank you to Julie. This is the second time I have happily written in this book to praise her wonderful care and extensive knowledge which has led to my second pregnancy. Thank you so much Julie, we are so greatful for all you help and advice.
Recommend by Ross (Dec 2015) Hi Julie, I started with severe sciatica in Nov I remembered your magic Chinese Medicine . Now after 9 sessions of acupuncture, cupping and encouragement I am now pain free and back to walking my dog. Thank you so much. I will return should I have any other problems and will definitely recommend you to my friends and fimily .
Anxiety, Headaches, Sleeping
Recommend by Alison (Dec 2015) When I first arrived I was suffering with anxiety and headaches. My sleeping pattern was terrible and I was often awake for many hours each night. I have had ten sessions of acupuncture and cupping and definately have felt much better since doing so. My anxiety has improved, my headaches are less frequent and my sleeping is 100% better. As I now benefit from a good nights sleep! Julie is professional, friendly and efficient and I would reccomend this service to anyone. I will continue to visit periodically as I feel the acupuncture is extremly relaxing and I look forward to my visits.
Anxiety, OCD,Heart palpitations
Recommend by Jean (Oct 2015) I came to see Julie because I had anxiety, OCD, heart palpitations and was always tired. After just a few treatments I'm much much better. My palpitations are also a lot better and so are my anxiety and OCD problems. Julie also helped me with my fear of flying, the flights i went on recently were not frightening and i look foward to more not dread then. I would recommend Julie's treatment to anyone and always been doing so to friends, family and work colleagues. I would not hesitate to come back with any issue. Thank you Julie.
Recommend by Michelle(Oct 2015) I came to Julie because I have always had headache but the last 2 years i have been getting bad 3-4 a year but recently I has getting migraines every 2 weeks. I have had 4 sessions (1 every week ),so far no migraine . Julie is very caring and I was well looked after. Thank you Julie.
Knees & Ankles pains
Recommend by Nuno(Sep 2015) I experienced here was just amazing, I felt very good , I did 5 sessions treatments on my painful knees and sore ankles, now I am 100% well , I was very well treated all the time I came here,Well done! Mrs Julie Zhu and all the best !
Sinusitis and knee osteoarthritis
Recommend by Jogjeet(Sep 2015) I came to Julie with sinusitis problems. I could not breathe, Julie has treated me with acupuncture and herbs. i am now cured,I have no pain in my sinusitis. She also treated my knee problem at same time, the pain in my knee went away. i would recommend Julie to everyone for many problems. Thank you Julie .
Recommend by Pat (Sep 2015) I came to julie with sciatica pain and within 7 weeks treatment the pain has gone completely! i can recommend Julie's treatment to anyone because i am very grateful for her treatment and how quickly the pain disappeared ! Many thanks.
Backache & Muscle spasms
Recommend by Steve( July 2015) I came to Dr Julie at the beginning of July with backache & muscle spasms,highly recommend it for back problems. Thank you .
Skin condition
Recommend by Debra (July 2015) I came to Dr Julie in April to seek help for skin condition that western medicine was unable to treat. My condition is clear now, many thanks to the treatment and care I have received from both Dr Julie and Dr Jeff.
Recommend by Angie(July 2015) My husband and i had been trying to conceive for a couple of years, we come to this clinic to have try the herbal & acupuncture for two courses (4 months) , now i am naturally pregnant ! Many thanks Julie and Jeff for your help!
Fingers pain & Low in mood
Recommend by Sheila (July 2015) I came seeking help from Dr Julie a few month ago for pain in my finger, back & hips, also because feel really low in mood, i wasn't in a happy place. Today i am in a very happy place . Dr Julie has been wonderful . She listens,understands and does what you need. Thank you !
Recommend by Lean (July 2015) After many years of fertility treatment and stress i decided to come and see Julie in January this year. i immediately felt that i had come to the right place,she knew exactly what she was talking about and gave me the best possible advice and care. i have had herbs,acupuncture and reflexology which made me feel much more relaxed. Julie guide you through your cycle giving you the best advice to increase your chances of conceiving. In may this year i found out i was pregnant ! i believe that had i not been receiving the treatment and care from Julie that i would certainly not be pregnant! I am now 13 weeks pregnant and extremely happy. i will never be able to thanks Julie enough if you are having problems conceiving ,you really must pay this clinic a visit , my only regret is i didn't come years ago . i will continue to come through at my pregnant as this can reducing my morning sickness and give me more energy. Thanks again !
Recommend by Joy (June 2015) Difficult to have baby,and luckily i found Dr Julie Zhu with her helps now we got 3 babies . thanks to Dr zhu . we are now very happy. i would highly recommend anyone who want a baby and been try for years , would really need come to see Dr zhu . she would make every impossible became possible !
Back & knee pain
Recommend by Shaun (June 2015) I came to Dr Julie,as she came highly recommended to me. I had really bad pain in my back and knee and it hurt so bad, i couldn't even bend over slightly . After just one session i could reach down and touch my toes with very little pain. I had acupuncture, cupping and electro-therapy, all work and results last. I would recommend to anybody with any pain at all to come see Dr Julie, she will defo fix you up. Thank you Dr Julie !
Recommend by Graza (June 2015) I brought my cousin to Julie to get some treatment for infertility. She suffered from celiac disease and she was told by doctor that she will never conceive. She had 5 weeks acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments with Julie, she got pregnant ! Wow she has got a beautiful baby girl and she was very happy......Thank you Julie for all your help!
Recommend by Anara (May 2015) Hi,I had few years fertility problems. Doctors couldn't explain the reason. "Unknown infertility" which was work frustrating for us. However in March 2015,I decided to have IVF procedure but with one condition with Chinese acupuncture I knew and believed that Chinese medicine is the best. A few weeks before my IVF, I started my acupuncture in Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic every single week I was making sure i had full treatment,acupuncture was giving me energy and relieving my stress, depression and worries. After IVF with acupuncture treatment I became pregnant. Julie and Jeff knew what they are doing. I knew its hard to believe but you need to have faith and hope. Thank you very much for everything! I'll never forget you, you are doing amazing job !
Fatigue & skin beauty
Recommend by Kam (May 2015) My friend introduce me to this Chinese doctor and I have just finished my ten weeks acupuncture course because I suffer from Fatigue and skin problems,very tired all the time. Thanks to them . I do feel a lot more energetic, I can doing much more each day now instead of sleeping all day long, they also helped me to detox, now I dont get itchy all over my body and my face is no longer blotchy and bumpy, I think I will do another ten weeks course to see if it will help get rid of my dark circle under my eyes.
Stopping Smoking
Recommend by Lesley (April 2015) I have tried to give up smoking for many years and with the acupuncture treatment and my determination I have finally given up , i have no desire to smoke again!
Recommend by Lily(Feb 2015) I had many warts in my neck and legs for few month, my GP said nothing could cure it. i came to this clinic by my friend recommend, after they gave me acupuncture & herbal medicine for 5 weeks, most of warts start shrinker and smaller, i continually did another 5 weeks treatment, i couldn't believe all the warts clear finally,i feel very happy. Thanks !
Recommend by Jill (Jan 2015) I suffered from ME for about 2 years, my both arms are gradually weak until i can not turn the key to open the door, my right leg start to getting weak as well, affect my walk and drive, fortunately, by a friend recommend, i come this clinic and see Dr Julie & Dr Jeff , i start feel big improved after i finished 10 sessions acupuncture with herbal tea. Now, my arms have more strength to open the door, my leg has more energy to walk and driving. i will take Julie's advice and continue acupuncture for few months to keep my arms and legs in good condition and avoid the symptoms to develop .
Recommend by Jenet(Jan 2015) i have suffered with my migraines for several years and have tried the usual medications but unfortunately nothing worked. i decided to try acupuncture & cupping after researching it . Immediately felt reassured after meeting Julie and done my first session i felt clear head for the first time in a long time. After 7 sessions treating other issues eg neck pain menopause & stress i can honestly say i feel a different person and cannot thank Julie enough . Thank you !
Dark patches(Melasma)
Recommend by Lydia(Jan 2015) I suffer from dark patches on my skin (melasma)and after having acupuncture treatment and using some facial herbal mask that was made for me by them has improved my condition so much, I am very happy the dark patches have disappeared now . Thank you !
Shoulder pain
Recommend by Linda(Dec 2014) I had a problem with my shoulder like trapped nerves and very painful made me feel quite sick. i came and have acupuncture with cupping and felt the benefit very quietly after only two treatment. i could not believe the difference. i can highly recommend treatment and i have told everyone i know how effective it has been. If I have any problems in the future I will be back here. Thank you Julie !
Infertility (IVF support)
Recommend by Bhavna (Oct 2014) I came across an article on acupuncture to aid IVF and fertility-this directed me immediately to this clinic and Dr Julie. I believe the fact i became pregnant after Julie's acupuncture for my IVF support , which have led me to 12 weeks pregnant (twins). i have taken Julie's very useful advice and continue acupuncture as a supporting during my early pregnancy, the best things was i didn't have morning sickness because of her acupuncture. i will be keep in touch with Julie and let her know when our twins are born, fingers crossed as happy healthy babies!
Recommend by Brigidda(Oct 2014) I have a good news to share with everyone which is "i was pregnant"! I came to this clinic 6 months ago, i suffered irregular period and PCOS, i have tried 2 times IVF in past 2 years but all failed, i nearly gave up, my friend recommended me have a try with Chinese herbal & Acupuncture, i came to Julie & Jeff , they looked after me, and gave me needles and herbs for 4 months. i would thanks to Julie & Jeff, their magic treatments gave me a chance became a mother.
Losing weight, fatigue, bad quality sleeping , anxious
Recommend by Linda(Oct 2014) Thank you Julie it is amazing how much better I feel. I was very poorly before i saw you but after you did acupuncture for me, I woke up next morning I feeling like a new woman! I suffered so many problems: losing weight, fatigue, bad quality sleeping, anxious etc. After 10 weeks acupuncture and take herbal teas, my weight lost nearly one stone, my sleeping before was 4 hours per night, now is 8 hours per night , and I feel more energy and no more anxious . I am so happy for what you have done for me. Thanks again !
Sports trauma(Back pain)
Recommend by Matas(Oct 2014) i had sports trauma and my back was really painful, went to the emergency doctors and they told me to drink simple paracetamol. i am so happy i found this clinic in Morley, and Julie has helped me a lot.. after the second treatment %99 of my pain was gone, and i am very thankful. i can't think of any better desscition i could of taken than visiting Morley Chinese Acupuncture & herbs clinic.
Infertility (IVF support)
Recommend by Oliver(Sep 2014) My wife and I have had treatment with Julie & Jeff since the start of 2014 to assist in helping to conceive. We are delighted to report that my wife is now pregnant and is expecting our child in February 2015. I would also like to thanks Julie for assisting in relieving my stress levels through the acupuncture treatment.
Recommend by Jam(Sep 2014) My skin was very red and irritated but after having the herbal drink and using the herbal cream for two weeks, It cleared up massively. My skin does not itch anymore and colour changed normal.
Recommend by Natasha(Sep 2014) I came to see Dr Julie and Jeff for help me to get pregnant. I found out my body had many problems, and with acupuncture and herbs, I felt much better in myself. My husband and I fell pregnant naturally ( I conceived naturally before IVF starting). And we are now 13-14 weeks!
Bad breath
Recommend by Paul(July 2014) I came to Julie and Jeff for my few problems: bad breath, finger joints pain and ankles pain. After five weeks herbal tea and acupuncture treatments, my bad breath was 100% better, my ankles and finger pain were 95% better. I will continue the treatment until all problems 100% better. Thanks a lot!
Infertility (IVF support)
Recommend by Sadaf(July 2014) I would like to thank Julie a lot for all the help in assisting me to get pregnant. I was trying for 2 years with no success, I then came to Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic, I started on acupuncture and herbs, during this time I also was undergoing IVF treatment at Leeds, however because of my endometriosis & low egg reserve, I had slim chances I was told by my IVF expert. However, after 2 months acupuncture with herbs treatment, I get 6 good quality eggs which this made my IVF expert feel surprised and she couldn't believe, I continued coming here especially during IVF embryo transfer time, we were amazed to find out that I was indeed pregnant. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and come here for acupuncture again to help in my labour . I really do believe that without acupuncture & herbs my IVF would not have been successful, and it has definitely contribute in getting us pregnant. I am very thankful to Julie & Jeff and would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone who has difficulty conceiving.
Recommend by Ken(July 2014) Brilliant! I feel 100 percent better after take 12 weeks herbal medicine, I suffering IBS problem for 6 years with very bad diarrhea about 6-10 times a day, really bother me, my friend recommended me come to this clinic to try herbs, 6 weeks after it worked for me, continue take another 6 weeks, I am quite normal person now, keep once or twice everyday. I am so happy!Thanks
Recommend by Sammy (June 2014) Julie was highly recommend to me by a friend.I have suffered from migraine for 25 years and recently have it every 3 weeks. I came to Julie 2 weeks ago and have had 5 treatments of acupuncture and cupping. I am so relaxed and have not had any slight headache or migraine for 1 month which is fantastic . I could highly recommend Julie for this problem to anyone. I wish I would of had this treatment years ago.
Migraine, neck and back pain
Recommend by Joe (June 2014) I was suffering with a migraine whilst out shopping. I was on my own and my partner told me to try a massage and acupuncture. I came to this clinic and had acupuncture with electric and cupping, 1 hour after treatment, totally pain free and continued with my day. I am continuing my treatment as i usually suffer with neck and back pain, since the treatment I have had no pain now. Highly recommend
Infertility & migraine
Recommend by Rami (May 2014) I used to go to Dr Julie since 8 years ago. I wanted to try for a baby but was unsuccessful, after visiting Julie a few time I was pregnant. I have now 2 children.I also a migraine sufferer for the past 6 years. Since seeing Julie for the past 2 weeks, I have now stopped my migraine medication and have no migraine.Highly recommended Julie! Thank you!
Recommend by Kathryn (April 2014) I cannot thank you enough for how well you have made me feel. When I came to see you seven weeks ago, my neck & face where no intense with turning and itching 24/7. I was in a state of despair. I had put up with it for nearly 12 months with no treatment, my Gp Dr gave me having any effect at all. I had my first treatment with Julie & Jeff on the Thursday of Acupuncture and herbs, you gave me some cream to use when I got home. Along with some herbs to take twice a day. Within 48 hours I could not believe the difference. The itching has stopped and the soreness had almost gone. It was really just like a miracle had happened to me. I only wish I had found you both much sooner. My sincerest thanks to you both once again. From Kathryn
Recommend by Amanda (Feb 2014) My Dad was 88 years old and had diabetes,his blood sugar was about 13.0, GP told him to take tablets to reduce the blood sugar,and we were told he would have to take for the rest of life. We come to see Jeff & Julie for herbs , my Dad's blood sugar keep a very good level was 6.5 after he take 8 weeks Chinese herbs, and now he was not on any medicine at all, his GP are amazed at his fitness. Thank you Jeff & Julie.
Neck, Shoulder, Back pains
Recommend by Ruby (Feb 2014) After many times to visit my GP without any help, I came to see Dr Julie & Dr Jeff 5 weeks ago, I have neck and shoulder pain, and I have very bad back and legs pain, the pains were unbearable at my first time visiting them, the electric-acupuncture, cupping and herbs have helped me, I feel my pains almost 100% reduced. I really would thanks to Dr Julie and Dr Jeff for all their help given to me.
Recommend by Phil (Feb 2014) We both have fertility problem for 5 years,after we try herbal medicine treatment for 15 weeks, my wife was pregnant, now, my baby boy one month big, he is so lovely and healthy. We highly recommend this clinic !
Recommend by David (Feb 2014) I suffered from diabetes for 5 years, my blood sugar always between 10 - 13, i didn't take any diabetes pills as i don't like the chemical things. I come to Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic by my daughter's recommend, after I tried 5 weeks herbs treatment, my blood sugar start showing at normal level which is between 5 - 7.5 for 2 weeks, also i felt not as many tired as before, i was so surprised, the herbs doing amazing job ! I will keep drinking the herbs for another 5 -10 weeks as I want continue top up my energe and keep the effect for my diabetes, I would like to say big thanks to this clinic.
Tinnitus, Arthritis & Sleeping proplem
Recommend by Lesley (Jan 2014) I have arthritis and painful foot because of my big toe crossing over my little toes and making it painful to walk. After treatment my foot looks more normal and I can actually wiggle my toes without pain. Also I had trouble sleeping only a couple of hours!! now I can sleep 8 hours without wake up. Dr Julie treating my Tinnitus as well, this has much improved but intend to carry on with more treatment. Thank you Dr Julie !
Recommend by Lisa (Jan 2014) My sister wanted to get pregnant, she was tried for 2 years but nothing happened, she always have irregular period, i recommend her come to Dr Julie as she cured my sciatica problem before. After she tried 5 sessions acupuncture with herbal medicine together, she found she was pregnant ! we are so happy! I will advise everyone to try Chinese treatment, it was really good. Thank you Julie and Jeff.
Acne & Bloating & Sinuses
Recommend by Chris (Jan 2014) After suffering from bad acne and bloating for years, I decided to come see Julie & Jeff for help. From the first visit, my bloating and general wellbeing improved dramatically,and within the next week so did my acne. After several visit I am completely cured and could not be happier with the results. A big thank you to Jeff & Julie for all they have done for me! Oh, after being asked how about my sinuses had improved, I realised I forgot I even had a sinuses problem, it cleared that well and fast. I would recommend this clinic to anyone, I am that confident in Jeff & Julie. Big thanks to them again!
Recommend by Yasmeen (19/12/2013) My son suffered from very bad eczema, he came to see Dr Jeff, he took the herbs for 2 weeks and he was so much better, I am currently being treated for eczema and it has made a huge difference to myself. Obviously I have had it a long time but I am very happy with treatment. Thank you very much.
High blood pressure, Nasal polyps & Infertility (IVF support)
Recommend by Louise (11/12 /2013) I have been coming to Julie for nasal polyps, high blood pressure & infertility issues, with the acupuncture plus herbs treatment, my nasal polyps has been under control, and my blood pressure also reduced down to a normal reading. With this success I was keep to repeat Julie's acupuncture for my IVF support ( western treatment)for my infertility, this included acupuncture directly before & after embryo transfer. I am very happy to say I am now 12 weeks pregnant ! something I didn't think would EVER happen! I continued with the acupuncture untill this point to support the pregnant as I believe this was important. I will certainly be back (if needed!) and I always recommend coming to Julie & Jeff to friends & relatives. Many thanks to them both.
Neck pain, Shoulder pain & Back pain
Recommend by Dee (02/12/2013) I have just completed 10 sessions of acupuncture treatment for my neck, shoulder and back pain. To cut a long story short, it worked well and has helped my overall wellbeing. I couldn't even let someone brush past my should / neck without feeling pain but after having acupuncture plus cupping, I can now have a full shoulder / neck and back massage with no pain. This has been an issue I have had over 10 years and to feel like I feel now is amazing, wish I'd come here forever! I will recommend this clinic to my friend.
Painful knees & Bloating stomache
Recommend by James (28/11/2013) I had acupuncture for painful knees & bloating stomache . The day after my first session of acupuncture, I was pain free just a little stiffness remained but that has now cleared after I did two more sessions acupuncture. Bloating problem also disappeared, only 3 sessions I feel so thrilled to be pain free! Thank you Julie.
Facial nerves pain
Recommend by Janine (09/11/2013) I had very bad nerves pain in my face,GP & dentist said nothing they could do orther than prescribe anti-depression pills for me to give up the thing that was causing stress (ie my job). Clearly I was not able to change job and didn't want to take anti-depression pills. I have had a combination of acupuncture and herbs in this clinic for a couple of months, within a few weeks treatment my pain was reduced and i was taking less pain killers, finally, I am now free of pain! Many thanks to you both Julie & Jeff .
Streess, Headache & Back pain
Recommend by Remi (27/09/2013) Thank you so much Jeff & Julie for your help, my stress go away, i don't have back pain and no more headache now.
Sweating, Acne & Stress
Recommend by Shirley (28/08/2013) I suffered with sweating for more than 20 years, It was very embarrasing because my clothes would be wet and sweat would pour down my face. after 2 weeks of trying Jeff & Julie's herbal remedies the sweating stopped and the acne was cleared, and no more stress now. Thank you so much for being understanding and helping me. You are amazing!!
Eczema & Allergy
Recommend by Jad (24/08/2013) I came to Jeff & Julie for my daughter's skin problem. She has eczema for a year time. Julie and Jeff recommended herbs for drink, also recommended herbs for bath and herbal cream. After one day treatment she stop scratching. And after 2 weeks her skin was clear. She has got milk and eggs allergy as well,but she doesn't have any rash after eat milk and eggs since she using the drinking herbs,she was feeling much better,she sleeping all night without wake up which she never had good sleeping before, she is a happy baby now!
Sweating & low energe level
Recommend by David (01/08/2013) Thank you Jeff, you stopped my serious sweating problem by your magic herbs. I suffered very bad sweating for 2 years, and I lost my energy since i had the sweating problem, after I took 5 weeks herbs, the sweating much less than before, I keep took another 5 weeks as you advice, my sweating problem was totally stopped, and my energe was coming back, I am very very happy !
Tinnitus, joints pain, sciatica & eyes problem
Recommend by Anne (25/07/2013) My husband and I both suffered quite loudly from tinnitus,we were not able to sleep and life was becoming unbearable. We come to see Julie after our Doctor told us there was no cure. After several visits to Julie we felled life so much more bearable and sleep was no longer a thing of the past. Acupuncture worked wonders for us we have also had treatment for various other complaints, mainly painful joints,sciatica and eyes problem, and again we have had a lot of success.
Feet pain
Recommend by Jill (19/07/2013) Had a problem with my feet pain and swelling for about 5 years. Gone down the G.P, Podiatry and x-rays - steroid / cortisone and injections but nothing worked. Decided to try acupuncture as a last resort. After 10 weeks of acupuncture treatment my feet are so much better with swelling greatly reduced and the pain nearly 100% better, I have so much faith in Julie.
PKD(Polycystic kidney disease)
Recommend by Annie (06/07/2013) I had polycystic kidney disease for 10 years , my symptoms include high blood pressure, blood in my urine, back pain, these have been bothering me for many years. I found Morley Chinese acupuncture & Herbs Clinic by my friend recommend. What a huge improvement since I tried two courses of acupuncture and herbs treatment, now my blood pressure have been keep good level, no blood in my urine, and my back pain was stopped. Thank you very much Julie and Jeff, I will definately recommend you to my friends!
Trapped nerve on neck with should pain and headache
Recommend by K Norman (02/07/2013) What a great improvement, I came with lots of pain in my left should,my muscles were so tight they were trapping the nerve at my neck. I couldn't relax my arm and had bad headaches with it too. Julie worked wonders and after the very 1st session my headaches were gone. Now after 7 sessions my should is so much better and the nerve no longer trapped. Thanks for everything, I will recommend you to my family and my friend and if I have any more problems I know where to come.
Recommend by Dennis (15/06/2013) I have had acupuncture and herbal medicine for my tinnitus, I am gradually feel my ringing ear becomes weaker! my sleeping better as well. After one course of treatment (10 sessions), my tinnitus 80% reduced, I keep taking another 5 sessions treatment till 100% better now. Many thanks to Julie & Jeff for your help.
Thyroid disorder
Recommend by Amanda (05/06/2013) I have had an overactive thyroid for over 25 years. I heard that Chinese medicine & acupuncture can help to stop the symptoms of fast heart rate, sweating and agitation. I had 10 sessions acupuncture and herbs in this clinic, after 5 sessions I started to feel better and stopped take the anti thyroid drugs as well. I just checked my blood for thyroid which are all normal now, my heart rate normal and sweating stopped. I would recommend this Chinese acupuncture & herbs clinic to anyone for thyroid problems.
Frozen shoulder
Recommend by Woodhead (31/05/2013) I started comming for acupuncture treatment at end of January 2013,my problem was a frozen shoulder which the doctors just passed off with pain killers. I had never had acupuncture before but would recomend it to anyone because after I have tried this clinic 10 sessions acupuncture and cupping treatment, my shoulder got better bit by bit and is now 100% better. The treatment is great value for money as well as acupuncture and cupping you get electric and massage, and if you have any other problems at same time, they will give you more needles or herbs to cure that without additional charge.
Infertility(IVF support)
Recommend by Emma (30/03/2013) I started treatment just before Christmas to help with fertility problem over the past three years. Straight away I felt reassured that I had come to the right place. Julie and Jeff have wonderful and has been excellent. They worked alongside the IVF treatment I received in January and have looked after me into my 11th weeks of pregnacy this week. I wish I had come to them at the start of my journey three years ago as I strongly believe I would not have needed the western intervention I have had. I cannot recommend Julie and Jeff enough, they are so highly skilled and I put my trust in their judgment. Thank you so much for everthing you have done.
Recommend by Sarah (13/03/2013) I have suffered migraine for over 20 yrs and 4 months ago I had a migraine related stroke.It has left me unable to return to work with weakness on my right side and extreme pain or lack of feeling in my arm and leg. Having waited months for a series of neurologist appointment and trying various meds that left me sedated,dizzy, and unable to function I turned to accipuncture in desperation. After meeting the wonderful Julie and only 2 sessions of accipuncture and cupping I am totally amazed at how much better I feel already! I have no migraine and my pain is much less,I am stronger and after almost giving in to the fact I would never recover I am starting to feel like me again!!!! My family and friends have noticed the sudden improvement too. I will continue my recovery with Julie and no medication and am very positive that the future is good. I think Julie in hear professional,caring,kind nature is amazing. A truly wonderful Chinese Dortor I would recommend to you all.
Recommend by Amy (09/03/2013) We have had one unsuccesful IVF 5 years ago,my husband and me came to see Dr Jeff and Dr Julie here who recommended herbal tea and acupuncture which we had in the lead up to our second round of IVF. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, a big thanks to Dr Jeff and Dr Julie .
Recommend by Lisa (28/02/2013) Really good experience.I had problems trying to get pregnant, After 1 month of herbal treatment, I fell pregnant, nine months later, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy . Thanks to Jeff and Julie .
Depression & Stop drinking
Recommend by Bill (16/02/2013) I suffered from depression and I've been taking anti-depression pills for many years, I also drinking a lot, I tried full course of acupuncture and herbal treatment, now I quit drinking completely, I also feel more happier and don't need any more anti-depression pills, my wife said I became a new man. Thank you Dr Julie and Dr Jeff .
Recommend by Lin (22/01/2013) I have been tried have a baby for 5 years and have tried everything but never worked, and we were told by specialist we couldn't have children because my husband had sperm problem. We came to Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic for fertility treatment for my husband, I got pregnant after 3 month herbal treatment on him, I now have beautiful 18 month old boy. I would thanks to this clinic and also want say something to the couple who have fertility problem: Don't give up! We didn't. Thank you .
Insomnia and headaches
Recommend by Brain (15/01/2013) I was suffering from insomnia and headaches sustained through a sporting injury,I had tried several treatments and was taking painkillers every day for 8 years. After two courses of acupuncture treatments in Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic, the headaches have stopped. I can now wake-up in a morning without pain, I can now sleep in the night for 8 hours without wake up which I can only sleep 3 - 4 hours before treatment. I would like to say thanks to Dr Julie for improveing my quality of life and not having to rely on painkillers.
Lost sexuality
Recommend by Nicol (08/01/2013) These two fully qualified practitioners helped me with a problem for which there is no medicine. Their acupuncture and herbs have helped me regain my lost sexuality. I also suffered from shoulder pain and back pain, but it gradually disappeared thanks to them. They are friendly and lovely people, I do recommend you to get to know them.
Recommend by Smith (29/12/2012) Thank you Dr Julie for all your help and for believing in me when the medical world had given up on me,you gave me strength and hope and have made my dream become a reality. After I tried three courses of acupuncture with herbal tea treatment, I naturally pregnant, I have my first child (beautiful baby girl) which she is 18 month old, I am so pleased I have my second child (baby boy) without any help, he is two month old now, I would strongly recommend Morley Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs Clinic to the childless couples.
Stop smoking
Recommend by Tom(08/11/2012) My wife recommend me came to Morley Chinese Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic for stop smoking, I have been smoking for 10 years, about 20 cigarettes per day, after 6 sessions acupuncture treatment and take herbal medicine, the cigarettes from 20 reduce to 5 each day, then I continuously take 7 sessions acupuncture, finally I totally stopped smoking, I also feel more energy and less stress . Thank you Julie and Jeff, I'm very happy you helped me easily quit smoking.
Recommend by Sue(02/11/2012) After 4 years of hoping for a 2nd baby I came to Dr Julie and after only 6 weeks of treatment, I now have a beautiful baby girl. I passed on the clinic details to my friend who had 6 times miscarriages and after 12 weeks treatment, she has now had a lovely baby boy, my friend and me thanks to Dr Julie from our heart .
Vision problem
Recommend by Naz(31/10/2012) My son has suffered vision problem for one year, I found this clinic by internet, I have noticed a very good result after five sessions acupuncture and three weeks herbal medicine treatment , my son's vision getting much better now, he can identify a variety of colors and can recognize many letters of English which he couldn't do this for 6 month time before treatment. I will keep bring my son try more sessions acupuncture and herbal medicine in this clinic for more improvement.
Recommend by John(30/10/2012) I have suffered from paralysis of my right leg after stroke, I could only walk a few steps at home with walking stick and I couldn't up and down stairs for 6 months since I had stroke. I came to Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic by my friend recommendation, after first course (10 sessions) acupuncture, I can walk for 500 meters with some breaks, after second course acupuncture, I can up and down stairs slowly. My wife and me are very happy with this result.
Anxiety, Weight loss & Insomnia
Recommend by Paul (14/09/2012) I came for acupuncture for relieve anxiety and help me sleep, also for weight loss. After the first session I slept in for 9 hours which I hadn't done for years. I tried one course of acupuncture, I feel a lot calmer now and have noticed I am losing weight. Dr Julie has been really nice and friendly and always takes care of me which I'm here. A very good service, thank you very much.
Recommended by Martin(07/09/2012) I suffered with psoriasis for many years,by friend,I found Dr Jeff & Dr Julie,I was recommended by herbal tea & herbal cream as treatment,with 4 days I could see a marked improvement & within 2 weeks it had cleared up,I have continued the treatment as I am feeling much better all round - sleeping better & less tired. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you so much!
Chronic urine infection & Prostatitis
Recommend by J.P.(25/08/2012) I came to see Julie & Jeff a while ago with various health problems which were quite not sure they can help,I am glad to say after a number of acupuncture sessions and use of Chinese herbs that I am pretty much recovered and can line a normal life again. I would recommend give these therapies a try if you are suffering from any health problems. Good luck.
Neck pain
Recommend by Paul(20/08/2012) After months of neck pain,I was recommended to Morley Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic,I am delighted to say the results have been very good. My neck is virtually cured. It's great to be pain free,and can advice anyone to try this treatment.
Slipped disc(back & leg pain)
Recommend by Satpal (15/08/2012) I came to Julie and Jeff's clinic after tried months of physio chiropractic and osteopathy for my slipped disc problem,these therapies whatever total waste of my time and money, the excruciating pain in the back and calf, but with in 3-4 sessions of acupuncture combined with herbal tea in this clinic, now I am free of the pain. This couple genuine concern to me of pain means I have been able to return to work and bring normality to my life. I still need top up sessions now and again. I don't know what I would had done had it not been for Julie and Jeff ! thank you, you have been amazing! God bless you and your family.
Pancreatitis & Back pain
Recommend by Dean (08/08/2012) I visited Julie and Jeff with regard back pain, numbness in my left shin and stomach discomfort. After 5 sessions my back pain is vastly reduced and the numbness has completely stopped. My stomach is also much more comfortable. I was also recommended herbs for my stomach and energy and these have made a noticable difference. Many thanks to Julie and Jeff.
Arthritis & Sciatica
Recommend by Joe (06/07/2012) I appreciate what Julie and Jeff have done for me.I was taking painkillers for my joints pain & sciatica pain but that was only masking the problem,the acupuncture and herbs together have got rid of pain altogether in only 3 sessions.Thank you very much indeed and I will be recommending my friends also.
Knees pain
Recommend by Anne (20/06/2012) Dear Julie thank you so much for treating the pain I had in my knees,you have been so kind and helpful. I will recommend you to all my friends.
Heels pain
Recommend by Val (08/05/2012) Thank you so much Julie for the acupuncture treatment on my heels. Because of the pain I couldn't walk properly since 6 months ago, I have finished 13 sessions acupuncture in this clinic, I can now enjoy walking again. I am so pleased. I will recommend you to my friends.
Recommend by kelly (27/04/2012) Thank you Dr Julie and Dr Jeff for all your help, with the acupuncture and herbal tea treatment that helped me getting pregnant and having a healthy little girl. I would like recommand this clinic to you if you suffering same problem.
Recommended by Dee (21/04/2012) I have suffered from infertility for many years,I have tried 3 times IVF,all failed,but later, I found this clinic by my friend's recommendation, after I tried 20 weeks of acupuncture and herbs, I conceived a wonderful baby girl, I would thanks to Dr Julie gave me opportunity to became a mother!
Recommended by Joanne (19/04/2012) I would like to thanks Dr Jeff & Dr Julie really helped my daughter's eczema and general health. I will definitely recommend my friends to this clinic.
Recommend by Nettie (31/03/2012) I have suffered from migraines for over 30 years on a weekly basis, tried various different prescription medication from my GP and had no relief. After my 1st session of acupuncture with Julie, I felt less stress and calm and did not suffer a migraine for over 3 weeks. I have since had further sessions and my migraines are much less frequent and do not last as long. I have been very happy with the outcome.
Shoulder pain
Recommend by Bryanie (29/03/2012) I had tried all medical intervention to no avail for shoulder pain. I hadn't had a full nights sleep in 3 months. I decided to try acupuncture as I could no longer go on as I had been. After the first session I had my first decent nights sleep. I have continued with treatment which has significantly eased my shoulder pain. I also started with hot flushes and sweats and acupuncture has stopped these altogether. Thank you Dr Julie - don't know how I would have gone out without your help.
Joints pain
Recommend by Sandra (27/02/2012) Dr Jeff and Dr Julie are very good and caring couple, acupuncture & massage by them has helped me a lot and this couple are very committed to helping and getting you well.
Back & leg pain
Recommended by Karen (07/02/2012) I came for back & leg pain which was really bad initially, but after a course of acupuncture & herbal tea, the pain has actually gone, I'm very happy! Julie & Jeff really looked after me, I will be back ! Recommend 100%. Thanks.
Frozen shoulder
Recommended by Li (18/01/2012) Acupuncture treatment as done me the world of good to the very bad pain I had in my right shoulder, Dr Julie did 10 sessions acupuncture,massage and cupping for me, the pain gradually disappear until I had no more pain on the shoulder, very recommendable!
Recommended by Sue (16/12/2011) I came to see Julie & Jeff for my very bad hot flash and night sweating ,they did acupuncture and prescribed herbal powder for me, after 10 sessions of acupuncture with herbal powder, I am fine now, my husband said:I 've been change to a new lady! I recommend both of them, they are very confident, they know what they are doing, they are very experienced. Thanks.

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